Nicolas Sebastian Montoya

Future Plans
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Personal Biography

Nicolas Montoya was born in the year 1998 and grew up in Miami, Florida. On May 5, 2018, Nicolas obtained his Associate's Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Honors College of Miami Dade College. Nicolas has a passion for IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and Robotics; thus, he loves doing anything that involves research, troubleshooting, and hardware/software development.

Nicolas' interests and hobbies include reading, programming, running, and playing billiards. Nicolas plans to complete his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Florida, and Nicolas is currently interning for Sandia National Labs in Advanced Counter Robotics.


  • PUBLIC SPEAKING - Nicolas has orchestrated many events and has had to speak in front of large crowds numerous times; for instance, he has hosted multiple Arduino and Raspberry Pi workshops where more than 30 students and professors show up. Nicolas has been doing professional presentations since his Junior year of highschool and has won Best Technical Presentation two years in a row. 
  • LEADERSHIP - Nicolas has led both of his undergraduate research projects; which, include designing and constructing two solar panel installations for Miami Dade College (MDC) and generating Dispersion Diagrams for Metallic Photonic Band Gap Materials. Nicolas was also the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) President for MDC in 2018. 
  • ADVANCED SOFTWARE - Nicolas is highly proficient in Python, C, Propeller Spin, and he is familiar with HTML, CSS, Java, Javascript, MySQL, C++, and PHP. Nicolas is also highly experienced in Linux, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Eagle (PCB Design Software), Fusion 360, and he is certified in AutoCAD 2D/3D. 
  • SELF-LEARNING - Nicolas self-learned Physics, Chemistry, Programming, and Electronics; moreover, through books and online resources, Nicolas is capable of learning new material independently and efficiently. 


2014 - 2018


At the age of 16, Nicolas got certified in AutoCAD 2D and 3D and started doing freelance work for Architects, Engineers, and General Contractors; as a result, Nicolas learned how to read Construction Documents and visualize objects in three dimensional space. Nicolas is now starting to familiarize himself with Fusion 360 (a more professional 3D software).

2015 (4 months)


Nicolas was working as a part-time contractor for AT&T. Nicolas' job consisted of using Laser Range Finding equipment to make various measurements and to then determine whether or not certain utility poles needed to be replaced after fiber optic cable installations (through the use of O-Calc Pro).

2016 - May 2018

Luxerel, Corp.

At the age of 18, Nicolas became a Research and Development Engineer Intern for a startup company, Luxerel Corp., specializing in software development/hardware integration for cutting-edge Smart Lighting technology. 

2017 (Summer)

Solar Panel Research - MDC

During Nicolas' summer semester of college, Nicolas led a team of undergraduate research students to design and construct two solar panel installations for MDC. Nicolas also used Adobe Illustrator to design his research poster board that was used in the STEM Symposium at MDC. Now, students at MDC can charge their electronic devices while furthering MDC's green-energy intiative.

2017 - 2018 (Fall & Spring Semester)


Nicolas became the IEEE Club President at MDC and represented MDC at the IEEE SoutheastCon 2018 Competition. He gathered more than 40 members and hosted multiple Arduino and Raspberry Pi workshops for students and faculty members. 
He also lead the MDC Robotics team to construct an autonomous robot (from scratch). Nicolas' robot managed to defeat some Universities - as there were some complications encountered during the competition.

2018 (Spring Semester)

Physics Research - MDC

Nicolas engaged in another semester of undergraduate research; where he studied how microwave radiation transmits through certain metallic and insulated strucutres. Such structures are referred to as Metallic Photonic Band Gap Materials (MPGBM), and Nicolas used HFSS to run simulations that generated data regarding which frequencies passed through or did not pass through the given material. Nicolas also create a software, using Python, that takes the data outputted from HFSS and generates a Dispersion Diagram automatically.

May 2018 - August 2018

Sandia National Labs

Nicolas currently works at Sandia National Labs in New Mexico, Alberquerque. He develops software for image recognition/tracking, embedded devices, and researches various topics. Nicolas utilizes various technologies such as Raspberry Pi, Python, Linux, and much more. 


  1. 1st  Place in Idea Center's IoT Contest - Nicolas submitted an idea on how to use IoT to solve major challanges in our society, and Nicolas' solution and implemenation was the most realistic, affordable, and detailed of all the entries.
  2. Selected as the 2017-2018 Outstanding Student in Physics at the Kendall Camps - Not only has Nicolas completely taught himself Physics 1 and Physics 2 with calculus, but he also voluntairly tutored over 100 students in Physics and worked as a part-time PLTL (Peer-Led Teaching Leader) teaching Physics 1 and Physics 2. Moreover, Nicolas Montoya was the top Physics student at the Kendall Campus of MDC. 
  3. 2nd Place in ACM-ICPC Programming Competition (Southeastern Division 2) - Nicolas, along with group of computer science students, beat all but one of the universities in the southeastern United States in the world's most renowed programming competition.
  4. 2nd Place in Mini-Urban Challenge (robotics competition) - When Nicolas was a Junior in High School, his Robotics team placed 2nd in the region for programming a Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot that could navigate a city and park autonomously.
  5. Won Best Technical Presentation (Mini-Urban Challenge) - When Nicolas was a Junior and Senior in High School, he gave the best presentation on how his team's robot works. Nicolas was judged on his technical explanations, poise, posture, voice, level of articulation, and professional appearance.

Future Plans


Next Step: More Education

Nicolas has applied and been accepted to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Purdue University - West Lafayette, Georgia Tech, and the University of Florida. Nicolas will be attending the University of Florida and is expected to obtain a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (class of 2020). Afterwards, Nicolas plans to obtain a M.S. in Computer Engineering. Nicolas is still debating on whether or not to pursue a Ph.D.


Career Goals and Aspirations

Nicolas has a passiong for engineering and learning; thus, his skills, attitude, and knowledge will allow him to work in virtually any industry. Currently, Nicolas has a passion for IoT and Robotics, but, ultimately, Nicolas wants to work on innovate solutions and become an entrepreneur. Nicolas wants to use all his skills, knowledge, and experience gathered from research, internships, university, and industry to truly make an impact.


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